About Me

My name is Andrew and my history as a motorcyclist began as soon as I could twist a throttle. I was raised in a motorcycling family and continued to ride for all of my adult life and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. The second relevant factor in my creating this website is that I am the product formulator and manage the technical aspects of the powersports line for a major lubricant manufacturer; so I have many years of experience in formulation and technical service directly with end users of retail products. Throughout my years I have been astounded at the lack of information and the abundance of misinformation about motorcycle lubrication available to consumers (particularly on the internet). There are many myths and “well known facts” that are simply not true or vastly misunderstood by the average rider.

I want to be able to create something useful with this website with the full understanding that I intend to never discuss details about my employer, never endorse any lubricant brand’s products and strive to provide useful and unbiased educational material for people to learn from. I want consumers to know what oil he or she is buying and what he or she is paying for. The marketing of lubricants can leave many people baffled and oftentimes very misled into the type of product they are purchasing.

My hope for this website is that it remains completely unbiased and untainted by “which oil is best” type of conversations. I will not do comparison tests between brands and I will endeavor to not insert my personal opinion into the content I write about, however I know this will be impossible at times due to the nature of the content. I really want to give as much information that I can and let you decide how to use that information when selecting and using oils and lubricants.

I understand that many of the things I may write about might go against “common knowledge”, but please maintain an open mind and I ask that you consider the possibilities before dismissing the information.

Lastly, I would like to strongly emphasize that I do not claim to know everything and it is absolutely possible for me to be wrong about a topic. I often find myself learning things about motorcycles that I never knew before after all of these years. I am certainly no mechanic, but I do know lubrication and this is why I am doing this. The science of lubrication is expanding all the time and new findings advance the field regularly. What was the best yesterday may not be the best tomorrow.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this website and hopefully I can keep it interesting!