Good Things Are Coming

I know it probably seems like I’ve given up at this point since I haven’t posted anything in a long time now, but I just wanted to let whoever has stuck by me, and is still subscribed to, that I am still doing this and haven’t given up.

I am working on some big stuff right now that is just very time consuming so it is slow going. I’m also pulling myself in a  dozen different directions with new articles, some interesting new resources for product comparisons, and some new platforms to distribute my material (plus life outside of MotoTribology has a tendency to get extremely busy for me).

I don’t really want to reveal too much right now because I have constantly been changing my plans for the past few months. For all I know, I might turn in a totally different direction tomorrow and these ideas might go by the wayside for new ones. For now though, I’ll say this:

  • I am still working on new articles
  • I am working to expand the overall reach of MotoTribology
  • I am working on a large new resource to help compare products in an ideally unbiased way.

So………sorry there still isn’t a new article up yet, but good things are coming. So stay tuned and Happy (belated) New Year!