Here’s to 2016

2016 startHere’s to 2016       January 10th, 2016

  The first weeks of January are some of my favorite each year. The Dakar Rally gets underway, AMA Supercross begins and last year’s racing dramas in series all over the world are forgotten to prepare for the fast approaching season. Everyone in every series is starting on level ground and anything can happen.

      MotoTribology has had some new stuff added in the first weeks. The site’s glossary has had a huge infusion of terms in part to support the latest article; JASO Explained Part 1. I have also added a few more links to the outside links page under the additional information tab on the top of the page. The link to the page is to a motorcycle specific article about suspensions, but Chris at carbibles has a ton of good and entertaining content for lots of auto/bike related topics so check out the whole thing if you have the time. There is also a link to Machinery Lubrication Magazine now. This is primarily a lubricant industry related publication put out by NORIA, but it has some good information if you want to take the time to dig through it a little bit. I find it is a good source for some basic educational material through their Q&A style postings.

     2016 will be an interesting year for motorcycling with the new JASO specifications coming out in April and a lot of shake-ups in so many different racing series with retirements and rider moves. Here’s to the beginning of a great year! I hope we can all enjoy it together as I post more material all year.