2016 is Flying By!

Biker, Motorcycle, Stunt, Man, Person, Stuntman2016 is Flying By!  February 17th, 2016

Wow, I can not believe how quickly this year is going by. The Dakar was a classic this year with history being made as Toby Price became the first Australian to win the overall victory. The AMA Supercross season has not disappointed so far with some awesome battles going on (both on and off the bikes). Sepang gave us some memorable moments in Moto GP already and it was only a test! The new ECUs and the new spec Michelin tires are challenging some riders, but it is shaping up to be a great season.  However, back to the reason we are all here; let’s talk lubrication.

JALOS recently announced the release of the T903:2016 specification for September of 2016 for the first compliance date. The new requirements should be posted in April and I will update my previous article to reflect those changes when they are released to the public. The big news with this specification is that they have completely dropped the micropitting test that was anticipated to evaluate gear protection. So the new specification may only update the clutch testing apparatus and requirements.

The update for the M345:2016 2-stroke specification was slightly more surprising though. It has now become the M345:2018 specification because they have announced a delay of 2 years until the new specification will be released. You can read about the cause of the delay in my new article, JASO Explained Part 2 – JASO 2-Stroke Specification. Long story short, a consensus could not be made on the testing equipment and now we have until 2018 before the new specification is announced.

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